Tattoo Designs

Where to Find Tattoo Designs

Tattoo-Designs-3-150x150If you cannot find the design you want from among those you see in the tattoo parlors, what are you supposed to do? You do not want a custom design but you want something that is unique and different from the designs you have seen. It can be frustrating, especially if you do not know exactly what you want. You cannot define what you want but you know you will recognize it when you see it. Is there an easier way to find tattoo designs than going from shop to shop hoping that something will call out to you?

Thanks to the Internet, you can look through thousands of different tattoo designs and find the one that appeals to you. You will find everything from animals to even logos from various family sects such as the Celts, Scots and others. You will also find many other common organizations featured, and the designs are online you can take as long as you want to look through everything available before you locate the design that appeals to you the most. You will find many different sites that have tattoo designs available which gives you a wider selection from which to choose than by going to the tattoo shops and looking around. For the most part the shops are only going to offer those designs most commonly requested, so their selection is more limited than what you can find online.

Once you find the design you want, how do you obtain that design in order to take it to a tattoo artist? In most cases, you can print the design you want from your home computer and take it with you to the tattoo artist. There is no guarantee which tattoo artist will be able to provide the tattoo design you want but at least you know what you want and you only need to find the artist that can do what you want.

Make sure you choose someone who is experienced so that your design will come out the way you want it or you may find yourself struggling with the results because it does not look like it did in the picture. You have to allow some leeway when you are asking for something that is different from what the tattoo shop normally does but there is no reason you should not still receive high quality work.

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Your Guide To Tattoos

GuideToTattoos_ebook_250For centuries, perhaps for longer than we know, tattoos have belonged to those on the fringes of society. They adorned pirates who sail the mysterious waters of the uncharted seas, gypsies who forsook the normalcy of steady work and calling the same spot home every night, people who did not conform to the way everyone else lived.

Tattoos are often associated with bikers, gang members, carnival freaks, prisoners and rock stars. Individuals perceived to fall into categories for which there is no place in the status quo. Are they the ones being rejected, or are they rejecting the restrictive, binding mold that many think everyone should fit in?

The 1960s brought about a series of social revolutions. The civil rights movement was coming to a boil, and women were carving out their place in the world. People not only became more aware of the flaws in their government and social structure,

but were moved in mass numbers to do something to make them better. Tattooing became a little more mainstream because it moved people away from the norm in a time when the social structure was increasingly unpopular.

In recent year, people are getting tattoos to fit in rather than to opt out, but some of the stigma remains. Information is the key to abolishing prejudices of all kinds.

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