Aikido – Ancient Philosophy

Aikido – Learn the Martial Art, Aesthetics and Spiritual Way of Life!!!

aikidocover300-e1445984518107Aikido’ was formed by connecting three letters in Japanese. Ai implies ‘joining’, Ki means ‘the spirit’ and do denotes ‘way’. By merging these three characters in concert you get the core of the artistry of Aikido. Aikido could be classified as a martial art form which unites the will in order to discover the way. This was formally established as the connotation and as the factual name of this martial art form somewhere in the nineteen thirties or early nineteen forties.

Aikido highlights the practices that do not injure or take people’s lives; it is different from other aggressive art forms. This skillfulness and actions which a person is trained in are created to deflect a person’s concentration or enfeeble that person. Most people prefer this discipline because it is peaceful and harmonious compared to aggression and conflict. The man that introduced and extended the martial art was called Morehei Ueshiba. He thought that the direction of anger with no resulting harm was the art of harmony. The thing that divides Aikido from dissimilar martial art forms is that, Aikido employs the hand as a weapon and the person has no utility for weapons.

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