Listening to the Binaural Beat

What Are Binaural Beats?
binaural-beats_3D-e1446900633725When you were a kid were you fascinated by those dog whistles that you could blow, not hear but all the dogs in the vicinity would come running? The high pitch was something that only they could here, and though it seemed the dogs didn’t seem to arrive in droves as they did in the movies, it was enough for perhaps your pet dog to prick up his ears before sliding back into sleep.

Imagine being about to use auditory sounds that talked to different parts of your brain directly, instead of needing to be filtered though your thoughts and conscious mind. It’s a little like that dog whistle- you might not be able to understand or “hear’ what those sounds mean, but those parts of your brain it’s designed for sure can.

Our brains are fascinating things. Scientists still struggle to try and determine the very length and breadth of our brain’s capabilities. Study shows we use only a small proportion of our brains, but the potential in unleashing some of the parts we do not use is astronomic.

The problem is how to access these areas. Certainly regular meditative practices, a holistic lifestyle incorporating eastern practices such as yoga, and a healthy diet that doesn’t include plenty of mind numbing chemicals definitely helps …

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