Dog Puppy Training

Teaching Your Pup The Right Ways

DogPottyTraining (3)Among the step to housetraining success is being able to foretell when your dog needs to eliminate. Your puppy is likely to need to relieve himself:

 First thing in the morning (immediately after he wakes up)
 After each meals
 After drinking water
 Soon after waking up from a nap
 During and/or after playing and exercising
 After gnawing on his chew toys
 After any excitement
 After a ride in a vehicle
 After smelling another dog’s urine or seeing him pee
 When he leaves his crate
 Last thing at night (before he sleeps)

As you see, your dog needs to go out frequently. But don’t fret; as he gets older he’ll need to be taken outdoor less often.

How often will my Puppy Need to Eliminate?

Here’s a platform that covers the regularity of trips to elimination zone or the toilet stop needed day and night with regards to the age of your puppy…

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