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dietingdilemma-softbackhighIt’s A Lifestyle Change

Once you prefer to slim down, is your first choice to run to the cutting-edge fad diet? Often a quick five to ten pounds will come off, then your old eating habits come back. If you stick with it to accomplish your weight goal, you might still find yourself back at the same weight or higher in a couple of months. Why don’t diets work?

A Diet is a life-style, Not an Event

On a lot of diets, you’re not eating the way you’ll eat for the remainder of your life. You consume foods you might not like a great deal and don’t find comforting. If you’re determined enough, you stick with it till you reach your goal. But you know this is “just for the diet” instead of finding healthier foods you like in amounts that don’t induce weight gain.

The very word “diet” is depressive to many of us. We consider giving up foods that are satisfying and enjoyable. We consider sitting a party with celery sticks while other people are eating the crab puffs. We might even stop socializing as food is a big part of how we interact with acquaintances and loved ones. We feel stripped, alienated and alone, except for others who are dieting. Finally we give up and enter back into the world of happy unrestrained eating, carrying damaging feelings toward healthier “diet foods.”

Studies are discovering dangers in the yo-yo diet cycle of slimming down, gaining it back plus a bit more, losing, and gaining again. It’s stressful on the body systems to have wide sways in body weight…

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