Intimate Sexual Issues

Intimate-Sexual-Issues_250Intimate Sexual Issues

Research has been able to show without a doubt that there is an unprejudiced analysis of the phenomenon of sex that clearly affect an individual in ways that are radically different from other basic instincts such as thirst,, hunger, pain, stress and any other feeling a normal human will endure.

Commonly viewed as being a mystery and unique in itself, the individual is affected in ways that are often incomprehensible, when the charm of the other sex, is seen through the bodily sexual desire or sexual lust.

This is usually portrayed in the simplest form of the male’s attitude towards it, as it is of incomparable greater moral significance than the attitude to the other bodily appetites. Most males almost demand immediate satisfaction in this area whenever and wherever it seems to take control and dominate their thoughts.

The Basics
Apart from the obvious depths from the connection the sexual act can bring, the uniqueness of its intimacy is one of the more strongly favored responses to expect.

The intimacy derived from the sex act is mostly what the female counter part is looking for through the connection.

However with women and men now more commonly looking upon the sexual act as a mere exercise to create release from the stresses of the real world, even for a few minutes, the intima

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Love Spells

A Look At The Voodoo Of Love

LoveSpells_SLove is undoubtedly one of the best feelings that a person can ever experience in his or her life. This strong emotion can uplift a tired soul, and give joy and hope even to those who are already starting to lose faith in themselves. It is that wonderful feeling that puts you in Cloud 9 and makes you want to start dreaming of things, like forever and happy ever after. Love is that thing that you read in fairy tales and wish that it will also happen in your own life. It is about finding your Prince Charming or Miss Right and spending the whole eternity with that one person who has touched your heart. Love is the very thing that makes the world go round and makes the whole ride a lot more fun and enjoyable. And for some, love is simply that magical feeling that takes you to an entirely different realm where only you and your special someone exists.

Unfortunately, not all of us have been lucky enough as far as love is concerned, and this is the very reason why love spells exist.

Love spells are actually the magical formulas that have been specially designed in order to find, draw, bind, attract, or even induce love. These spells are entirely different from sex magic, or spelled as “magick.” The love spells in particular are aimed to procuring or producing love, while sex magic, on the other hand, makes use of sexual emotions and love at times in order to bring about that desired results that can or cannot be associated to love in any way. For instance, Tantric magick aims to accomplish the union with a god and is related to the enlightenment state. Meanwhile, love spells are more concerned in making a person fall in or out of love with another person.

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Spiritual Sex And Satisfaction

Spiritual-Sex-And-Satisfaction_S-e1448323541944Sex is a universal media of pleasure for both man and woman. People search peace and amusement with this activity. God has created this and we enjoy it as His blessings. Sex is not a sin and we need it to live in the society. We are human beings and we try our best to enjoy this highly addictive activity. In the past, it was seen that sex prevailed in the society for those who are married. But now, many people enjoy this before their marriage. Sex is for satisfaction of the couples. It elevates your physical, mental and emotional condition with the power of enjoyment. We have found that open sex is allowed in many countries, because it helps to eradicate your sorrows and sufferings. If you are highly depressed, then sex is recommended by the experts.

Many experiments reveal that sex is the main factor between relationship and fun. Couples make fun with this process. Sexuality is not a positive expression, though it is considered as a negative sight in many societies. Sex enables to tie the long term relationship and it is the key of successful relationship. It is seen that many of us neglect sex because of insufficient knowledge on it. Sex is one of the vital causes of long term enjoyment. If you think that sex is only a physical event, then you will not understand the main theme of it. It is not only a physical event but also a spiritual event. One can attain amusement and satisfaction quite easily after having sex with his or her partner. It is mandatory to give priority to your partner’s satisfaction. If you can ensure it, then you and your partner will certainly enjoy this special event. Sex has the power of tranquility. It is the fact here and that’s why you must follow these guidelines.

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Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.
Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Herbs-eBook-M-e1448662147442Herbs, oils, and other aphrodisiacs have been used in all cultures around the world to stimulate feelings of love, sensuality, desire, and sexual arousal, enhance sexual abilities, and even mitigate sexual dysfunctions. Herbal practitioners believe aphrodisiacs can help overcome emotional challenges such as anxiety, stress, or trauma, and even directly overcome physical issues such as difficulty with erections or lubrication.

In addition, any herb preparation that eradicates illness or provides nutrients that have been lacking in the body can be considered an aphrodisiac. This is especially true if sexual urges and sexual life return as a result of using it.

But it must be said that:

  • even though the mandrake root is mentioned in the Bible’s Book of Genesis (30:14-16) as an aphrodisiac, and Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.) used herbal scents such as frankincense and myrrh as aphrodisiacs…
  • and even though it‟s been written by more than one historian that Cleopatra used the intoxicating scents of cinnamon, cardamom, and rose along with the tastes of chocolate and rare curries to bewitch and entice her lovers…
  • and even though the Romans reportedly used 3,300 tons of aphrodisiac herbs per year in the first century A.D.,…

… the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has categorically stated that there is no such thing as an aphrodisiac.
Many herbalists and traditional healers disagree, and so, this book can be written.

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