Training Your Cat

Training-Your-CatWhen it comes to cat training techniques, there are some feline based systems that are recommended for more action proven results. The positive reinforcement and aversion stimulus are probably the only clear way to try and get the cooperation of the cat to comply with the owner’s instructions.

Some owners use tactics such as spraying with water misters, loud shakers or any startling noise to show disapproval for certain behavioral traits. In some instances these methods work very well, while in others it seems to create confusion and fear in the cat as it does not really understand what the owner is unhappy about. This is even more complicated when the cat associates these actions with play as some cats do actually enjoy being sprayed with water, thus the initial reason for implementing such corrective measures does not really seem to work at all.

Other methods that can be used to make the cat understand its negative actions would be to use a stern and commanding voice, to show disapproval when a particular undesirable actions is being committed by the cat. In most cases, this has proven to be very effective and certainly deters the cat from the action, even if it for a short time. Most experts would agree that using physical negative behaviors such as hitting the cat will not be beneficial to the animal and will also cause the animal to fear the owner. Physical beatings will also cause the cat to undergo behavioral changes which will eventually create a lot of stress and other misbehavior patterns.

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Small Mammal Care Guide

What You Need to Know About Taking Care of Small Mammals

Small-Mammal-Care-Guide-SHave you been thinking of bringing a new pet into your family? If you have, do you realize that it does not have to be something big like a dog? You can also have the option of going with a smaller mammal. A few examples would be a gerbil or a hamster or maybe even a rabbit or a rat.

One common reason people choose smaller mammals as a pet is if they are restricted with the amount of space they have for a pet. A prime example would be something living in a small apartment in the inner city. Chances are that there would not be enough room in the apartment for a dog to be comfortable and have room to play.

On top of that, it can be a real hassle walking a dog up and down stairs to take them outside and some dogs will require training to be able to walk in the city without problems. Training can be costly and the entire experience of having a dog in a small apartment can be full of hassles so in this situation it is probably better to go with a smaller pet.

If your children have been begging you for a pet you might want to start out with a smaller animal. Fish can be boring and children can lose their interest and forget about them in no time. At the same time, a dog can be way too much responsibility for a child, especially if they are young and it is there first pet. The perfect option for a child as their first pet would be an animal such as a hamster or gerbil.

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Curb Your Cat

Make Your Cat Obey Your Ever Commands With The Most Powerful Cat Training Tools

Bringing a cat in your home is a great pleasure because they are very fluffy and cuddly creature that your children will like a lot. With all the happiness that cat brings it also brings some reCurbYourCat_Book_Smlsponsibility as well. You need to be very careful while adopting a cat because cat is a very wild animal and at the same time it is also very delicate animal.

You need to provide you cat a very secure and sensitive environment for proper and healthy growth. They have a very sensitive digestive system which needs specific diet and they also have some very crucial behavioral problems.

These problems can be solved only with some proper and professional training to curb your cat. I have seen people who bring cat home but they do not take much care of their cat and that makes that cat very wild and unpleasant for home environment.

Without proper attention and guidance, cat can ruin the whole interior of your house as well as it will give you some very annoying situations to deal with.

In this EBook I will try to cover all the important aspects that are necessary for curbing your cat. I have gathered this information from different very patent sources and have tried my best to add certified and patent information. You will find this EBook very amusing as well as very helpful as you will learn lots of interesting facts about cats in this EBook.

There are different things like behavior problems, types of cats, problems with cats, health problems of cat and other similar things and in this EBook I will try to cover all of these aspects carefully and will try to give you solution of almost every cat related problem.

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The Ultimate Guide For Rabbit Care – Rabbit Care Secrets

Secrets You Should Know Before Adopting A Rabbit

Rabbit-Care (5)There’s no greater joy than having a pet rabbit. Young and adult alike find this furry creature so adorable. When rabbits are treated as a member of the family, his intricate nature and personality will shine through. The rabbit will bring so much happiness and delight and even challenges. But first and foremost, you must know and be aware of all the rabbit care basics. In this way, you will get the utmost from your pet rabbit and they will bring you so much happiness that you’d be so grateful you decided to have them around. Imagine when they start to breed; you will soon have as much as dozen of tiny fuzzy creatures in the nest box. It will be very rewarding. Just make sure that both of the parents are in good health and free from any defects and abnormalities.

In this ebook you will gain knowledge of all the things you need to know about rabbit care basics, baby rabbit care, pet rabbit care, feeding your rabbit, pet rabbit supplies, training rabbits, breeding bunnies, wild baby rabbits and even ways and tips on having fun with your bunny. We will also discuss some health concerns about your pet rabbit. This ebook is packed with many information and pictures that would make the details more clear. Each chapter will tackle different aspects of having a pet rabbit. You will also learn the right ways and tips and even some warnings and precautions regarding your pet rabbit. You will also learn the right kind of foods and just how much you should give your bunny. You will also discover some risk when you overfeed them.
So hop in and enjoy this informative ebook and soon you’d be ready to get your own pet rabbit. You will surely find this ebook very handy and you might need it from time to time. Just open it and soon you’d be refresh from all the details you need.

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Pet Birds – Your Pet Bird & You!

Choosing, Caring For, and Enjoying Your New Pet Bird!

petbirds_cover_mIf you are thinking about purchasing a new pet bird, you have already made an excellent decision! This is a special kind of pet that can be a wonderful addition to your life! In order to make owning a pet bird a positive experience for both yourself and your new pet, the next step is to choose the bird that is right for you.

Whether you already have a particular type of bird in mind, or are thinking about all of the possibilities, there are some important points which you should consider before making the final decision. As there are many different kinds of birds available, there are some points which can be helpful in making a good choice.

One point to consider is your lifestyle. In today’s busy world, most people do not have the unlimited amount of free time to devote to a pet as people usually had in the past. While a bird is a good choice for a busy lifestyle because it does not require a significant amount of time and attention for its upkeep, it is a good idea to keep in mind that your new pet does need your time and attention.

In addition to his basic care, you can think about factors such as whether you want a bird who will need extra time to exercise outside of his cage, and whether you plan to teach him to talk, sing, or do little tricks. When you know which of these factors apply to the bird you would like to own, it can help you in selecting the right kind of bird.

Another factor to consider is the amount of space you have in your home. If you have a small apartment, for example, it would be better to select one of the smaller types of bird who will do well in a small, compact-sized cage. Birds which require larger cages, or need more space to move about, are usually best-suited to homes where they will have more room.

Although many people do not put much thought into this in advance, the personalities associated with various types of birds is also an important factor. Some kinds of birds are known for their cheery personalities, while others are more calm and docile. When you take this into consideration, you will be much more likely to select the specific type of bird whose personality is the perfect match for your own. You will soon see that living with your new pet bird can be a delightful experience! He will bring you many, many hours of pleasant interacting, enjoyment, and fun!

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The Ultimate Dog Care Kit

Dry vs. Canned food

The-Ultimate-Dog-Care-Kit-250These types of food materials are different with different grades of liking by the dogs. Dogs like dry foods only if they are tasty only and however, on comparison, the dogs prefer only the canned food items. Reason for such preference by the dogs is that in case of canned food items, the moisture is about seventy to eighty per cent but in case of dry food, it is only about ten per cent.

However, if you view it in terms of nutrients, often the dry food contains nearly ninety per cent nutrients whereas the canned food items contain only less per cent of nutrients and most of the times. It is only soy products that are structured so well to look like meat pieces.

Hence, to make up the nutritional balance in the body systems, the dog has to eat more amounts of canned food materials than the dry food materials. Hence, just compare the cost factor related to this feature by you. Many dry food items are soybean and rice based.

Now some dry food items are based on corn. Sometimes, beef based or chicken based food items come in the cans along with mineral and vitamin supplements suited for the upkeep of the dog’s health status.

Larger dogs that weigh more than thirty pounds need to be fed with semi moist food items or dry food items in most of the occasions.

This is to satisfy the food receptors in the stomach. This is due to the fact that the larger dogs need to eat plenty of moist food or the canned food items to satisfy these criteria. But it may not be practically possible in these larger dogs. The small sized dogs may have a satisfactory level of nutrients if fed even the moist food items. However, the caloric density of the dry food should not be forgotten. Enriched dry food items are highly welcome ones than the non -enriched food items.

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Training Small Mammals

Training-Small-Mammals-e1447856862598If you have a small animal around the house that is exhibiting some unwanted behaviors it is time that you train your small mammal. Different behaviors from different animals will require different methods of redirection. It is important to keep in mind that training a small mammal is a lot different than training something bigger such as a dog or a cat. It requires special attention and a lot of time. The whole process can be made simpler however if you know the basics on training and have a general idea of where to start.

It can be very confusing when you look up information on training animals, especially small mammals, on the internet. There are so many different sources who offer so many different types of training methods and each one claims to be the fix all method. Most of the time these methods do not work. It is important that you take it back to the basics and a more traditional form of training. After all, why try to change training methods that have worked for decades?

The following chapter will go over the basics of training your small mammal. You will be provided with tips and tricks that should make the whole experience a lot easier and less stressful.

The following chapters in this book will go over the importance of training your small mammals and will give you some tips and tricks on how to do so …

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Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

What’s Wrong with Commercial Dog Food?

HomemadeDogFood (2)With the ever-growing uncertainty about what’s actually inside most commercial dog foods, it’s no wonder organic dog food is growing in popularity. The closed loop of so many dog food industry secrets is enough to make even the most trusting of people alarmed by what we’re actually feeding our beloved dogs.

In recent years, the dog food industry has improved labeling of ingredients being put into most commercial dog foods to some degree. Labels will tell you what percentage of the total product is protein, whether cereal, bran, grain, rice or vegetables have been added, and what additives and preservatives are in the can.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always tell you what kind of meat is included in the meat section of the labeling. It may not even tell you clearly what kinds of fillers are used to bulk out the food inside the can. These can sometimes include cereals that may not always agree with a dog’s digestive system.

When you read the label, you should begin to realize that you could be feeding your dog a cocktail of chemicals, additives and preservatives designed to increase the shelf-life of the dog food product and enhance flavor and appearance. These extra chemicals are not designed to increase or enhance your dog’s life or health.

Even commercial kibble and dry dog food contains very high amounts of chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and other additives.

The decision to feed your pet all-natural, home-made dog foods means you’re offering your dog the best chance of a healthy life. You dog will have a reduced risk of contracting many of the diseases directly linked to the addition of so many chemicals in commercial products.

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And here a
Simple Dog Food Recipe

2 pounds (approx 1 kg) minced chicken or dog mince
½ cup rice
1 cup macaroni
1 carrot
½ cup frozen peas
1 tablespoon gravy mix
5 cups water

In a soup pot or large saucepan, brown the chicken lightly. Add the water to the cooked chicken and break up the mince so it doesn’t form clumps. Add the rice and pasta. Chop the peas and carrots in a food processor so they’re in very small, easily digestible pieces and add them to the chicken. Boil the mixture until the rice and pasta are overcooked and have expanded significantly. Stir occasionally to stop the chicken from sticking to the bottom.

In a small cup or jug, mix the gravy mix and a little boiling water to form a smooth paste. Pour the gravy mix into the chicken and stir well.

Remove the mixture from the heat and pour into a sealable container. Allow to cool before serving. Serve with homemade dog kibble. This recipe will store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

How To Choose A Cat

How-to-Choose-A-Cat_250The task of choosing a kitten can be quite overwhelming especially when they are all so cute and cuddly at that age. However this exercise should not be taken lightly, mainly due to the fact that cats have rather long lifespan and being prepared to live with one for a very long time takes a certain level of dedication and commitment. Get all the info you need here.

However there are some ways that can help the future owner pick a suitable kitty for a pet, and the following are some suggestions as to how to go about this:

Doing some research on the various breed available and their own individual characteristics will help the individual make a more informed decision on the type most suited to his or her needs.
Elements such as inherent conditions that might be prevailing to the particular breed chosen would be something worth exploring before an actual pick is made.

This will enable the individual to make a better and more informed decision as to whether the choice made would be suited to his or her lifestyle. Issues such as fur shedding can be a nightmare for the individual possessing dark colored and expensive furniture.

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How To Choose A Dog

How-to-Choose-A-Dog1-e1448053171617If the decision involves getting a puppy as opposed to be mature animal, the individual must make sure all the supporting elements are in place before the puppy is brought into the existing family unit. Some of the things to consider would be if such an addition is needed in the first place, then there should be health considerations to be looked into such as allergies.

Other considerations may include the availability of space and adequate facilities for the puppy and if there is enough room and finances to accommodate such needs.

There are also licensing issues to consider as the authorities usually look into such violations quite strictly.
Adding a mature animal to the existing unit is also something that cannot be taken lightly, as the temperament of the existing unit and the animal have to be compatible.

Without this compatibility both sides are bound to encounter problems and the animal would most likely be the one that suffers the most.

Then there is also the need to do an adequate amount of research if the decision is made to acquire a purebred animal. The complications here can be considerable and the cost to acquire such an animal will be high. The upkeep of such dogs is also very costly as they often require specifically designed care and food.

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter for some is the most humane choice to make and this is of course welcomed by both the animal and the shelter.

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