Meditation Mastery – Walking Meditation

Walking MeditationIn this meditation method, you will be able to acquire not just the basic knowledge regarding walking meditation, but extreme power to uplift yourself and your inner experience and sensation beyond tradition and definition.

Walking meditation is usually understood as primarily intended to relieve stress in the legs. While it has this effect, this is not the only meaning of kinhin.

During sitting, the legs may turn numb, or ‘go to sleep’. This does not mean that the circulation is bad, quite the opposite. There is an old saying in Zen, “A fire that begins in your toes and consumes your whole body”- this is the meaning of this numbness. The smallest thing- even the legs going to sleep- is a subject of investigation in our Zen training.

An ancient questions asks, “can you make your body as limp as a baby’s?” When your legs and feet are numb, you will notice that your ankles are usually flexible. Once when I was having private Dokusan with my Zen master, the late Reverend Dr. Soyu Matsuoka-roshi, Archbishop of Soto Zen North America, which consisted to two normal sitting periods of one hour with Kinhin and no talking- both legs had gone completely to sleep by the ending gong. When I stoop up, both feet were absolutely buzzing in my socks. As I stepped to the altar, the toes of my right foot dragged on the carpet, and folded under to where I was partially standing on the top of my foot. I nearly fell down! Sensei caught me. It woke my foot up, but it didn’t hurt.

Kinhin is the extension of the stillness of zazen into the action of walking. In your mind, you should strive to eliminate any distinction between the two- they are more alike than different.

There is a famous Zen saying, “Stillness in Action- Action in Stillness”. We have this calligraphy by the late Reverend Dr. Soyu Matsuoka-roshi of this expression. It also connotes “Silence is Thunder- Mokurai.” This is the more essential meaning of walking meditation- it brings the strength of meditation into the everyday act of walking.
It is also symbolic of the Buddha’s walking round and round the bodhi-tree following his Enlightenment. So it likewise represents your ‘wandering about in the world of enlightenment’, in the words of Dogen-Zenji, the founder of Soto Zen Buddhism, for the first time.

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The Power Of Meditation

Mediation for the Modern Life

ThePowerOfMeditationSomewhere in Silicon Valley, a group of computer programmers sit silently in a room together, legs crossed and eyes half-closed, listening to the sound of their own breath. Elsewhere, the owner of a small real estate company starts her day by breathing deeply and engaging in yoga poses.

Still, elsewhere, a data entry specialist finishes his turkey sandwich and returns to his cubicle, puts on his headphones, and breathes deeply while listening to the sounds of bells and waterfalls.

Meditation looks different for different people, but one thing is for sure: it is quickly gaining popularity in Western culture. It has many professional and personal benefits including increased productivity, reduction of stress and depression, and reduction of troubling physical symptoms such as headaches and muscle tension, to name a few.

The word “meditation” often elicits images of devout men sitting silently in mystical temples far away. It can seem foreign and certainly something too far removed from daily life to have a practical application for business or even for personal gain. You may have preconceived notions about what meditation entails or cultural or spiritual beliefs which you feel may hinder you from participating in meditation. While meditation does have its roots in several spiritual practices, it is increasingly being recommended by Western medical professionals as research is bringing to light the multiple health benefits of regularly engaging in this form of focused relaxation.

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Handbook of Relaxation

Relaxation-700-e1447693466167We have many items in the world, such as videos, books, audios and so on that guide us to relaxation. The systematic instructions tell us how to pull up our inner capacities combined with external tools to reach relaxation. Every one needs to use their own inner abilities to relax, yet if you use external resources that guide you to relax you will double
your strength and power to reach your goal. External and inner beings are the best solution for guided relaxation.

How to find guided books to relaxation:
You can go on to find books that will guide you to relaxation. You can also visit your local library, hich I am sure the establishment will have books that peek your interest.

The library is a great place to visit, since you are not sitting in front of a computer sweating the many links provided to you. At your library, you can conduct a random search to find the books you need to guide you to relaxation. The library offers you many resources. If the library does not have the book you are looking for, your librarian will order the books for you. You pay nothing. As you can see, the library is your best choice, since you save money. You will pay any costs, except for late fees if applicable.

How to find audio that guides you to relaxation:
You can find audio books, tapes and more online. Online you can surf the wild world of information until you find audios that peek your interest. Your library may have audio books and tapes as well. Check here first so you can save money and time. If you have to recourse to the Internet, then type in the keyword Guided Relaxation and hit Go. You will be taking to another page, which links are available that lead you to your interests. The links will have in-direct links inside each page as well. Look to the right or left of thepage to find links that take you to the audiotapes and books that peek your interest.

How to find videos that guide you to relaxation:
Again, you have the Internet. You will find many helpful audio books and/or tapes on the subject-guided relaxation. Once you reach the page that peeks your interest and find your books and tapes, you can conduct a random search to find better deals. Saving money is part of guided relaxation.

Your library may also have videos that lead you to guided relaxation. You can call your local library to save time, to learn if the library has what you are searching for. Your librarians are always ready to help anyone ready to learn.

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NLP Mastery Program

Everything You Need To Know About Mastering NLP

NLP-Mastery-Program_S-e1447672330278You have dreams and desires and certainly have the tools to attain them. The problem is too many distractions prevent you from focusing your abilities towards attaining goals. A lot of times your lack of self-confidence holds you back and inappropriate behavior also put a damper on your efforts.

NLP technique is the result of 40 years of study on the experiences of people who have made a difference. The study focused on people who were exceptional performers, who did things others would not think of doing and because of it not only succeeded in realizing their dreams but also had a great impact on others. The technique makes use of the thinking and behavioral patterns common among these exceptional people.

E-Book Contents

The e-book is composed of 10 chapters all focused on one thing: equipping you with the correct mind set and behavior practices that lead to easy achievement of whatever it is you want your life to become.

  • Chapter 1 Provides a general description of the course and what benefits you will get from it.
  • Chapter 2 Answers the question of how application of the NLP will transform your life.
  • Chapter 3 Provides the techniques which transform you into a good communicator.
  • Chapter 4 Provides the techniques which allow you to understand other people better.
  • Chapter 5 Provides techniques which allow you to understand and apply the NLP Meta model.
  • Chapter 6. Equips you with the tools which help acquire the correct mindset towards achieving goals
  • Chapter 7 Provides you the ways you can achieve success by adopting a NLP way of life.
  • Chapter 8 Provides tools which enable you to reframe your mental processes and behavior.
  • Chapter 9 Provides you with techniques which makes you a persuasive communicator
  • Wrapping Up Provides the tools for reframing your mind for success

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Mindfulness Meditation

mind_250Meditation is defined as a state of mind in which you focus on a certain object that enables you to practice your attention in a single thing – something like a word or a phrase, a geometrical figure, a candle flame, or simple actions such as inhale and exhale. We all experience a stressed environment; the source could most probably come from work, family issues or social interactions with individuals you meet.

This technique allows you to find different methods and practices to assist you finding your inner peace within yourself. A lot of various schemes are available to aid finding such harmony and serenity, but with Mindfulness Meditation, you will embark in things that relatively have something to do with your cognitive perception. It’s a cognitive condition per say because it has been proven scientifically that the stress you encounter within the torments and agony of life has nothing to do with you but how your mind responds on these phenomenal things.

Have you ever heard of the Mountain of Meditation? It’s a metaphor used in depicting the journey to tranquility, the summit serves as the goal towards peace and calmness. Are you ready to climb the mountain? Well, you need to consider  …

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Listening to the Binaural Beat

What Are Binaural Beats?
binaural-beats_3D-e1446900633725When you were a kid were you fascinated by those dog whistles that you could blow, not hear but all the dogs in the vicinity would come running? The high pitch was something that only they could here, and though it seemed the dogs didn’t seem to arrive in droves as they did in the movies, it was enough for perhaps your pet dog to prick up his ears before sliding back into sleep.

Imagine being about to use auditory sounds that talked to different parts of your brain directly, instead of needing to be filtered though your thoughts and conscious mind. It’s a little like that dog whistle- you might not be able to understand or “hear’ what those sounds mean, but those parts of your brain it’s designed for sure can.

Our brains are fascinating things. Scientists still struggle to try and determine the very length and breadth of our brain’s capabilities. Study shows we use only a small proportion of our brains, but the potential in unleashing some of the parts we do not use is astronomic.

The problem is how to access these areas. Certainly regular meditative practices, a holistic lifestyle incorporating eastern practices such as yoga, and a healthy diet that doesn’t include plenty of mind numbing chemicals definitely helps …

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