Feng Shui Fortunes

How To Develop Financial Freedom And Life Long Happiness!

Feng-Shui-Fortunes_S-e1445981569263Feng shui has become immensely popular all over the globe in the modern times. Especially in China, feng shui has become very popular. We need to go deep down into the history to figure out how exactly feng shui has started and why it has changed the life of so many people and where does the real secret lie?

We are going to discuss everything in details. Feng shui has started or rather it was invented many years ago, it was since the Tang Dynasty it was actually started. Master Yang Sung Sang is the most respected man in the history of feng shui. He was the one who invented feng shui. So the people who follow feng shui should be indebted to him. It was from him everything has started.

In his site, the dragon had the most important significance and there are other symbols such as hills, valleys and various water bodies. Some particular areas on earth had some vital energies or what we call chi, it was told that chi found the dragon and all those things which were formed naturally on earth were symbolized with various shapes of animals such as a green colored dragon or white colored tiger …

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