How To Stop Dog Barking

Understanding Why Your Dog Barks

How to stop a Dog barking (1)Barking is among the many forms of vocal communication for canines. People are often pleased that their dog barks, because it warns them to the approach of people to their home or it tells them there’s something that the dog needs or wants. However, sometimes a dog’s barking can be excessive. Because barking acts a number of functions, you have to identify its cause and your dog’s inspiration for barking before you can treat a barking issue.

Each kind of barking serves a unique function for a dog, and if he’s repeatedly rewarded for his barking- in short, if it gets him what he wants -he can figure out how to use barking to his benefit. For instance, dogs who successfully bark for attention often pursue to bark for other things, like food, play and walks. Because of this, it’s important to train your dog be quiet on cue to help you stop his attention-related barking and teach him to complete another behavior instead -like sit or down -to obtain what he wants.

Many owners can determine why their dog is barking just by hearing the particular bark. For example, a dog’s bark sounds different when he wishes to play compared to when he wants to come in from the yard. If you need to reduce your dog’s barking it’s essential to determine why he’s barking. It may need some time to teach your pooch to bark less.

Regrettably, it’s just not realistic to count on a quick fix or to expect that your dog will stop barking altogether. Your goal will be to decrease, instead of eliminate, the amount of barking. Keep in mind some dogs are more prone to barking than others. Additionally, some dog breeds are called “barkers,” and it can be trickier to reduce barking in individuals of these breeds.

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The Ultimate Dog Care Kit

Dry vs. Canned food

The-Ultimate-Dog-Care-Kit-250These types of food materials are different with different grades of liking by the dogs. Dogs like dry foods only if they are tasty only and however, on comparison, the dogs prefer only the canned food items. Reason for such preference by the dogs is that in case of canned food items, the moisture is about seventy to eighty per cent but in case of dry food, it is only about ten per cent.

However, if you view it in terms of nutrients, often the dry food contains nearly ninety per cent nutrients whereas the canned food items contain only less per cent of nutrients and most of the times. It is only soy products that are structured so well to look like meat pieces.

Hence, to make up the nutritional balance in the body systems, the dog has to eat more amounts of canned food materials than the dry food materials. Hence, just compare the cost factor related to this feature by you. Many dry food items are soybean and rice based.

Now some dry food items are based on corn. Sometimes, beef based or chicken based food items come in the cans along with mineral and vitamin supplements suited for the upkeep of the dog’s health status.

Larger dogs that weigh more than thirty pounds need to be fed with semi moist food items or dry food items in most of the occasions.

This is to satisfy the food receptors in the stomach. This is due to the fact that the larger dogs need to eat plenty of moist food or the canned food items to satisfy these criteria. But it may not be practically possible in these larger dogs. The small sized dogs may have a satisfactory level of nutrients if fed even the moist food items. However, the caloric density of the dry food should not be forgotten. Enriched dry food items are highly welcome ones than the non -enriched food items.

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Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

What’s Wrong with Commercial Dog Food?

HomemadeDogFood (2)With the ever-growing uncertainty about what’s actually inside most commercial dog foods, it’s no wonder organic dog food is growing in popularity. The closed loop of so many dog food industry secrets is enough to make even the most trusting of people alarmed by what we’re actually feeding our beloved dogs.

In recent years, the dog food industry has improved labeling of ingredients being put into most commercial dog foods to some degree. Labels will tell you what percentage of the total product is protein, whether cereal, bran, grain, rice or vegetables have been added, and what additives and preservatives are in the can.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always tell you what kind of meat is included in the meat section of the labeling. It may not even tell you clearly what kinds of fillers are used to bulk out the food inside the can. These can sometimes include cereals that may not always agree with a dog’s digestive system.

When you read the label, you should begin to realize that you could be feeding your dog a cocktail of chemicals, additives and preservatives designed to increase the shelf-life of the dog food product and enhance flavor and appearance. These extra chemicals are not designed to increase or enhance your dog’s life or health.

Even commercial kibble and dry dog food contains very high amounts of chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and other additives.

The decision to feed your pet all-natural, home-made dog foods means you’re offering your dog the best chance of a healthy life. You dog will have a reduced risk of contracting many of the diseases directly linked to the addition of so many chemicals in commercial products.

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And here a
Simple Dog Food Recipe

2 pounds (approx 1 kg) minced chicken or dog mince
½ cup rice
1 cup macaroni
1 carrot
½ cup frozen peas
1 tablespoon gravy mix
5 cups water

In a soup pot or large saucepan, brown the chicken lightly. Add the water to the cooked chicken and break up the mince so it doesn’t form clumps. Add the rice and pasta. Chop the peas and carrots in a food processor so they’re in very small, easily digestible pieces and add them to the chicken. Boil the mixture until the rice and pasta are overcooked and have expanded significantly. Stir occasionally to stop the chicken from sticking to the bottom.

In a small cup or jug, mix the gravy mix and a little boiling water to form a smooth paste. Pour the gravy mix into the chicken and stir well.

Remove the mixture from the heat and pour into a sealable container. Allow to cool before serving. Serve with homemade dog kibble. This recipe will store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

How To Choose A Dog

How-to-Choose-A-Dog1-e1448053171617If the decision involves getting a puppy as opposed to be mature animal, the individual must make sure all the supporting elements are in place before the puppy is brought into the existing family unit. Some of the things to consider would be if such an addition is needed in the first place, then there should be health considerations to be looked into such as allergies.

Other considerations may include the availability of space and adequate facilities for the puppy and if there is enough room and finances to accommodate such needs.

There are also licensing issues to consider as the authorities usually look into such violations quite strictly.
Adding a mature animal to the existing unit is also something that cannot be taken lightly, as the temperament of the existing unit and the animal have to be compatible.

Without this compatibility both sides are bound to encounter problems and the animal would most likely be the one that suffers the most.

Then there is also the need to do an adequate amount of research if the decision is made to acquire a purebred animal. The complications here can be considerable and the cost to acquire such an animal will be high. The upkeep of such dogs is also very costly as they often require specifically designed care and food.

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter for some is the most humane choice to make and this is of course welcomed by both the animal and the shelter.

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Dog Training Basics

DogTrainingBasicsCover3-e1445855565883Getting a new puppy or adult dog is always an exciting time for the entire family. There is a good reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend, and a loyal dog is more than just a pet as they becoming a beloved member of the family.

In order to achieve that level of love and companionship, however, it is important to start you need puppy or adult dog off on the right foot. A solid grounding in obedience and problem behavior avoidance is essential to making your dog, and you, happier and healthier.

“How does your dog sit when you tell him to and mine doesn’t?”, “How can your dog heel to you like that?”, “Wow! He comes when you tell him to” – Sounds familiar? If it does, you need to invest some time into a little bit of basic dog training. Starting to train your dog from a young age is crucial as the first few months of his life is when you will have the greatest influence on him; this is where he is shaped into the dog he is going to be when he is all grown up.

The most basic of dog training is to get your dog to sit and come. Teaching him those commands are essential for him to learn. These commands are used for various different reasons, if you are in competition, if your dog jumps making him sit will immediately get him off and “come” is the all-important one. If you take your dog for a walk, you let him of the leash and you expect him to come back to you, not run around the park with you chasing after him shouting at him to “get here right this instance”. That would be just downright embarrassing!

To teach your dog how to come requires only the most basic of techniques but a lot of repetition. The simplest way to get him to come is have a toy in one hand and a treat in the other, when you are in the house simply walk away from him, hold out the toy and excitingly call him to you, when he comes over give him a treat, always use the command for come that you are going to use in the future …

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Dog Care Duty

What Is Needed To Take Care Of Your Best Friend

Dog-Care-Duty_S-e1447014879802Perhaps the first act of caring as an owner would be to provide the dog with a proper collar, preferably with the dog name and address clearly depicted on the collar. The collar chosen should be one that is safe and functional to ensure the dog is not undue stress when using it.

Bathing the dog regularly is also important. The frequency of the baths should be according to the lifestyle the dog keeps, and if unsure, the owner should seek the advice of a good vet. Bathing too frequently or infrequently enough, could have adverse results, such as skin problems, lack luster coat and hair fall or fur loss.

Designing a diet plan that is well rounded and complete is also another important point that should be looked into when trying to provide basic care for the dog. Improper diet plans can eventually end up costing the owner more, when there is a necessity to visit the vet often. A sick dog is often very unsetting and worrisome for the owner and certainly unpleasant for the dog too.

Providing the dog with the chance to exercise regularly is also another important basic requirement in caring for the pet. Without adequate exercise, the dog will not be able to have strong bones and a healthy body condition …

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Dog Owner`s Delight

Make Your Dog Obey Your Every Command With The Most Powerful Dog Training Tools

DogOwnersDelight-Book_Sml-e1443303232159Modern day life is very busy and people do not find time for even themselves. In this busy routine, it becomes very difficult to find time for your dog but for a proper and concrete relationship with your dog, you must spend some good amount of time and this time will not be wasted because it will serve you for many future years when your dog will stay loyal with you and will be a very good friend of yours.

There are some special incentives associated with dog training. Some people think that dogs can be tamed even without training and that is true but that will keep your dog just an ordinary dog. With proper training, it can learn and be your friend as well.

Training is Essential for Building Relationship

Some people think that training is to teach the dog some skills and tricks but this is not the actual purpose and benefit of training instead training is a very good and effective method to build a very understanding and effective relationship with your dog. When you bring your dog at home, training starts from very first day. Your dog watches your actions and he notices your reactions to his gestures. He depends upon you for health, food, warmth and other essentials.

To make training effective and easier, you need to develop trust and that too mutual trust. Your dog should trust you and you should trust your dog for certain things. This trust also ensures that there is a certain level of confidence in your and your dog’s relationship. This confidence should be such that when you say “come” then, you should be sure that your dog will come to you and your dog should also know that if I go then, I will rewarded …

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Caring For Your Dog

CaringforYour-Dog_3DUnderstanding the ingredients of your dog’s food items is a must for the dog lovers or dog owners. Whenever you feed the dog with differentkinds of food items, you should always read the label and understand the contents about the dog feed types that are being used in such commercial preparations. You should understand the ingredients while buying food for your dog and also know what to look for.

Feed items include dry and fresh food. The fresh dog food that is
prepared in homes generally consists of ingredients like freshly cut chicken pieces in addition to the cranberry juices, blue-green algae, etc. If you come across any different kinds of preservatives and if the dog develops all of a sudden signs pertaining to the food allergy, suspect the unwanted ingredient in the feed items given. Similarly, understand about the moisture status. If the food item is having more moisture, then the dog may prefer this as well.

Beet pulp, pasta, Soy bean oil, wheat middlings, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, zinc oxide, choline chloride, etc. are often the ingredients in case of vegetarian based diet items offered to the pet animals like dogs.

Raw egg, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, quail etc. are often the preferred ingredients in case of dog diets that are prepared on the basis of the non-vegetarian items. Taurine is one of the essential ingredients for the dog’s nutrition. Like wise, in the case of dogs feed with frozen fish items, the vitamin called thiamine needs to be supplemented as an ingredient.

Many premium type of dog food preparations contain essential fatty acids, carbohydrates with adequate fiber contents, vitamins like A, D, E and B complex vitamins…

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Dog Puppy Training

Teaching Your Pup The Right Ways

DogPottyTraining (3)Among the step to housetraining success is being able to foretell when your dog needs to eliminate. Your puppy is likely to need to relieve himself:

 First thing in the morning (immediately after he wakes up)
 After each meals
 After drinking water
 Soon after waking up from a nap
 During and/or after playing and exercising
 After gnawing on his chew toys
 After any excitement
 After a ride in a vehicle
 After smelling another dog’s urine or seeing him pee
 When he leaves his crate
 Last thing at night (before he sleeps)

As you see, your dog needs to go out frequently. But don’t fret; as he gets older he’ll need to be taken outdoor less often.

How often will my Puppy Need to Eliminate?

Here’s a platform that covers the regularity of trips to elimination zone or the toilet stop needed day and night with regards to the age of your puppy…

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